Cameron Highlands (Malaysia): tea, tea, tea everywhere!!!

Cameron Highlands

As mentioned before, Lori had one thing (besides climbing Mount Kinabalu) on her list for Malaysia and that was going to the Cameron Highlands. I’ve been there before, but as I really liked it, I didn’t mind spending another 3 days there with her and seeing the tea fields again. We definitely were not disappointed! (As always on this trip, we were really lucky with the weather and had an amazing trip)

We stayed in a lovely hostel called Orchid Haven and booked a great tour directly from there (pics & names of tour flyer), which took us on an all day trip through the tea fields, the BOH tea factory, the mossy forest and to during a light trekking tour to finally see the Rafflesia (another thing of the bucket list! Yeah!)

And somehow 2 ½ weeks travelling through Malaysia with Lori were over….BUT: Our traveling together was NOT over yet! J Read more about our next trip in my blog post about our time together in Thailand (once more!)

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