100 happy days challenge


Have you ever thought life is a bit boring and nothing great is happening to you? Then this is the best time to start with the “100 HAPPY DAYS CHALLENGE”!

The idea is simple: You just need to write down 100 days in a row each day what has made you happy on that day. The things that make you happy can be small as the bus driver smiling at you or as big as winning in the lottery; the most important thing is that you spend a few minutes every day to make yourself realize what has made you happy today.

More info you can find here:

http://100happydays.com/ as well as here:Β http://100happydays.org/

I have tried this challenge a few times over the last years and have always used social media such as Facebook & Instagram to document this (you can find some post on my fb page:Β https://www.facebook.com/healthyfoodhunter ) and had to realize: Latest on day 35 I was having issues to decide between what has made me happy on that day!

If you are also looking for something to brighten your mood and to make you more aware of how great life is, try this challenge as well!

All the best!


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