Please read NOW!

Dear fellow food lovers, friends around the globe and all of those, who have just stumbled upon my website,

if you have been on my website before (& even if not), you are probably wondering, what’s going on here and why there is nearly no content on this website.


WELL…. I decided to move away from the “easy” jimdo website building kit to my own website and OF COURSE this all takes longer than planned to move from one to the other website. And me, being the rookie at website building, have closed down the old webiste before the new one is ready…


So, PLEASE, be patient with me and come back in a few days (or maybe rather 3-4 weeks as I will be travelling Laos with my lovely Anette (aka Poldi) from day after tomorrow onwards and will not have time to focus on the blog then…) and read more about my food adventures then.


If you want to know where I’m at, just go onto (this one is still up to date and I will post pictures on there even within the next 2 weeks ;))

See you soon!!!

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