This is me….

Ok, this is supposed to be the part where I introduce myself to you and tell you all the important things that you need to know about me… I don’t really know what to say though! 🙂

My name is Jana (some also call me Jane 😉 ) and I’ve been a food lover all my life. I love to try new food and my friends know already that I need to take a picture of all my food before we can start eating (except when I’m REALLY hungry, that even I forget to take a picture before). I’ve started this blog just before I started my 1 year long travel through South East Asia to document not only the great places that I’ve been going to, but to especially document all the great food (& drinks of cours as well), that I’ve tried all over the place.

I would love to also “infect” you with my love for food and encourage you to also go aroung and try all the things in your daily life & on your travels (and this doesn’t only include food!) that you always wanted to try, but always had some excuse to not do it (no time, no money, I don’t want to do it alone, it looks weird, I’m not sure that I will like it,….).

So, go on, read about all the food I’ve tried, try some of the recipes that I’ve cooked myself or found on other great food blogs, follow my adventure around the world, write me your favourite recipes AND most of all, ENJOY YOUR LIFE and EAT YOURSELF AROUND THE WORLD!

Your healthyfoodhunter Jana

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