PCOS & I, a new love-hate-relationship

Warning, this will be a very personal post. At beginning of last year, I went to a check up and after my old gynecologist had retired a few weeks before, her replacement took over and told me that I had PCOS. I had no idea back then, what that was and only heard from her that this would mean it will be difficult to have children. Until then, having kids was always the distant plan, but not really planned yet and suddenly I was confronted with the idea of maybe not being able to have kids at all.

After that doctor’s appointment, I did a lot of research and found out that there are quite a lot of women that have PCOS (& that still were able to have kids!). Besides doing some more check ups, I immediately started adjusting my diet and cut out sugar, alcohol and reduced the amount of carbs I was eating drastically.

And here comes my first recipe book recommendation for all the German readers: This book has a lot of great recipes for anyone with PCOS and has helped me a lot.

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