Yogyakarta (Indonesia) Lots of new impressions within only a few days….My trip to Java with lovely Cathy – part 2

After spending our first days in Yogyakarta exploring the waterfall and visiting the temples (see info in previous blog post), we decided that we needed a few more days in the city to just go around and explore the area. We found some local markets, great food and fantastic street art. Below you can see a small selection of pictures from all these great places (not much text today as pictures just speak for themselves!)

During these days we did lots of walking around the city, shopping of a lot of souvenirs (so many that I had to send my first package back home from Indonesia now) and, of course, eating our way through the street restaurants. 🙂

Cathy and I became friends with the local guys working at the hostel and Ari, a very talented artist and one of the staff members at Laura’s backpackers, even offered to not only make batik scarfs for us (they are amazing!=, but to also teach us how to do batik ourselved. So we did our own little batik workshop and managed to not mess the tshirts up fully (drawing with wax is REALLY hard!) and now have our own selfmade souvenir from Java 🙂 Thanks again Ari!!

On my last day in Yogyakarta, Ari fulfilled one of my dearest wishes: He taught me how to prepare Lotek (also known as Gado Gado in Bali). And it was delicious! Soon you can find the full recipe for it in my recipe section of my blog.

After 10 really great days in Yogyakarta with loads of local experiences and meeting lots of great people, it was time for me to not only say goodbye to Cathy (who flew to Australia a day before I left Java), but also say goodbye to Indonesia (for now).

BUT: I went from travelling with a new friend in Indonesia to meeting another (semi-new) friend in Malaysia, so this was actually not soo bad 😉

Stay tuned for more updates on my travelling with Lori in Malaysia & Thailand in the next weeks!

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